Are you interested in modeling? Want to build or refreshen your portfolio? Are you an athlete at your physical peak and want to record it for posterity?

I'm always interesting in new models to include in my current projects or in creating new ones. I am especially interested in shooting guys with runner/swimmer/surfer builds. So you do not have to be a "body builder". You just need to be lean for your height and weight. If you think you have what it takes, read the FAQ below, then send me an email.

I am also interested in working with women and couples (M/F, M/M or F/F).
How do I sign-up? Send me an email with your particulars (location, age, sex, height, weight, etc.) and a JPG or GIF of a recent photo of yourself. If I think I can include you in a current or new project, I'll contact you.
What do you look for in a model? I am looking for various types of people and different age groups. You do not have to be a body builder. You should be fit with a good height and weight proportions. A warm smile, feeling at ease in front of the camera, and the ability to take direction are a PLUS. To consider you for a physique or fine art project which may include nudity, you must be 18 years or older.
Does it cost anything? If you are a new or inexperienced model (or want to experiment with new ideas) we'll conduct the photo session as a trade-test (see below). If you're an experienced model, I will pay based on the level of my need or desire to include images of you in my portfolio.
What's Trade-Test? In a trade-test, the model and photographer are exchanging their services free of charge - you model for me and I photography you with no fees. Typically the model will receive three 8x10 prints from shots taken during the session. Or a larger section of photos can be made available on CD. Extra prints can be ordered are a reduced rate.
Is nudity required? Nudity is not required but for practical reasons, portrait-only or non-nude photo shoots would be done an a Trade-Test basis. My work speaks for itself, so check out some of the galleries in the Portfolio or Physique sections is you are interested in learning about my style. If you are interested in experimenting with nudity (or partial nudity - side or back but no frontals), that is a possibility. I leave it to the model to determine what his or her limits are then work within those limits.
What is a release form? Do I have to sign one? A release form is an agreement between the model and photographer that explains how the photographs can be used. It is intended to protect the interests of both the model and the photographer. Release forms need to be signed before the start of any photo session. Click here for a sample of a trade-test release form.
Have more questions?
Email me.