If you refer a location and I use it, I will offer you a "finder's fee" in the form of a print from my collection.

Locations: I'm always on the lookout for new location to shoot. I'm interested in ...
... a large bathroom with a claw footed old fashioned bathtub
... a shower with a wall of glass bricks
... a private garden with a stone fountain
... a Greek temple
... an abandoned factory or warehouse
... a factory or workshop with a furnaces or large fireplace
... a large swimming pool

... if you refer a model or volunteer to work with me, I can offer you a set of photos from the shoot...

Models: I'm interested in expanding my portfolio and I have specific projects that I'd like to shoot...
... more women
... men with hairy chests
... Latino, African or Asian men
... any of the men on the Street Fair gallery

Couples: I'd like to photograph more couples (male/female, male/male, or female/female). My ideas range from...
... affectionate couples (nude or non-nude)
... sensual nude couples
... muscle against muscle in competition
... contrasts of a softer female figure against a muscular male figure
... abstract studies using 2 or more people

Have more questions? Email me.

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