I'm the youngest of 6 brothers and sisters - each of us with the same initials - RC. By the time I was born, my mom and dad were running out of names beginning with the letter R. Although they never admitted it, I don't think it is a coincidence that singing cowboy Roy Rogers was very popular at the time. Further evidence is the fact that when I was a child family members called me Rogelio which roughly translates from Spanish to Roger.

Fast-Forward about 25 years. When I first began traveled to Europe on vacation, I would get odd stares when I mentioned my first name.

Roy doesn't translate very well there. The closest equivalent is roi, the French word for king. So whenever I traveled on vacation, I started using my middle name - Frank. On a whim I started introducing myself as Frank when I met new people back home as well.

When my interest in photography grew, models I worked with knew me as Frank. A fortunate change since FrankPhotos sounds a lot better than RoyPhotos.

Besides, one of my brothers had a name very similar to mine and I wouldn't want to cause confusion (or mistakenly give him credit!) for my work.

Recently I participated in a group photo show and I hosted small reception. I invited friends, photography colleagues, family and some actors from my theater days. My head was spinning like Linda Blair, answering to Roy or Frank throughout the evening.

All Photos Copyright 2002 by Frank Celaya